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The voyager brief was originally intended as a single seasonal theme, with a corresponding colour palette and silhouette direction. However, as the team and I continued to research and brainstorm for the project, we realized that the Voyager story carried a significance that had reach beyond a single season.

In fact, Voyager has evolved into a mantle message for the brand identity as a whole. Travel and adventure are legends already braided into the Porsche Design sportscar DNA. What makes Porsche Design’s travel identity distinct is a sleek, clean and modernist slant, with a sharp eye to the future. Where other travel brands carry a markedly traditional travel DNA, Porsche Design is a travel brand for tomorrow. We believe that the core heritage of the brand is built around function, speed and travel. The brand shall be both futurist and timeless. The most successful Iconic Porsche Design products have all some- how translated this modern era thinking into a beautiful vision of the future, hence our go forward brand mantle message: The Voyager.

We shall focus our design efforts on the creation of super contemporary "Travel Objects". When walking into our stores, the consumer should see a clear, pragmatic and optimistic message that relates to their busy lives in the most aspirational way.

Our products shall not only be sleek and innovative, they shall also offer multiple functions that bring ease and comfort to the consumer, hence the signature luxury of Porsche Design.


Even as direct to consumer selling has overtaken turnover at many traditional brick and mortar stores, we are convinced that physical own retail stores are an indispensable brand contact point for our customers.

The Porsche Design retail stores shall immediately communicate the modernity and futurism of the brand. Interior architecture and fixture design will transport the customer to a “space odyssey” of sorts, with every detail breathing the technological ingenuity of the brand and its products. Indeed, Porsche Design sells a rare portfolio of merchandise which includes computers, electronics, watches, leather goods as well as fashion and performance apparel: a diverse range products are nevertheless highly interlinked.

Our ambition is that the stores shall offer a transporting and emotional customer experience.


Porsche Design is a contemporary technical German brand, and as such the core men’s and women’s apparel and accessories palette is rooted in PD Black, Optic White, Steel Grey and Midnight Navy. This palette also perfectly complements the perennial hard luxury merchandise and electronics.

The introductory season for Voyager also offers a palette of icy pastels, as well as some bright accent colors. Seasonal accent colours shall complement the core palette, and shall also flow from one season to the next.


In the spirit of pursuing innovation, Porsche Design shall research and develop cutting edge technical fabrics. From triple layer water and wind resistant suiting fabrics to multi-functional outerwear fabrics, our customer expects the same rigor in our fabrications as those applied to the Porsche car. Our partnerships with top suppliers must assure that we deliver on this commitment to excellence.

Of particular interest is developing fabrics which also reinforce the Porsche Design brand mission around travel. Packable, reversible, wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, anti-viral, insulating, breathable, moisture wicking and lightweight with four-way stretch, its our commitment to develop fabrics that improve our customer’s experience with travel.


The Porsche Design TecFlex pen is an iconic product which thoroughly embodies the ingenuity of the brand. With this in mind, we have developed brand-defining Tecflex products with the same pleasing braided texture as the pen.

We are offering a broad assortment of TecFlex branded fashion products. The pen’s braided texture can be spotted on garment trims (such as a TecFlex moulded rubber patch applied to outerwear), men’s and women’s leather apparel, footwear, handbags and luggage.


Wearable technology is an industry sector at the cutting edge of apparel evolution in the 21st century.

From fabrics that are woven with conducters which can harness solar rays and recharge your mobile devices, to smart fabrics with advanced sensor technology designed to capture biometric and biomechanical data streamed via Bluetooth in real time: we are convinced that these textile and garment innovations fit perfectly with the Porsche Design DNA.


Porsche Design will partner with the most innovative garment makers in Europe, and focus on developing apparel and accessories products which will challenge expectations of how a garment is made.

From the application of state-of-the-art garment bonding techniques, to apparel entirely made without the use of a sewing machine, our customer expects that fashion products shall be as clever and contemporary as the sportscar.


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