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“In our age of reason and technology, I think ancient myths and legends help us to remember our connection to the collective energy and the deeper soul of the world.


They bring us back to our core and connect us to our heart and our innermost essence. By listening, sharing and remembering these old stories, a deep, primal and ancient part of us is activated within us. Whereas facts talk to our mind, stories talk to our heart. We identify with them and realize that we all share a common ground. 

As Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of the book Women Who Run With The Wolves puts it:


“Stories that rise from deep suffering can provide the most potent remedies for past, present, and even future ills”


Many recent fashion collections have expressed a kind of pessimistic Neo-realism, reinforcing our shared sense of an impending apocalypse. With this story, I wanted to design clothes with a more optimistic slant: as if by taking a holiday in the country, we could leave behind our worldly concerns and soak in the mystery and beauty of the natural world around us. Finding a way to open our minds and embrace the absurd.


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