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With an eye to 1970’s style, Talisman riffs on the striking visuals of the 2018 art house production of Suspiria, a neo-noir supernatural horror film directed by Luca Guadagnino, about a dance company in Berlin run by an ancient coven.

If you’ve seen this film, you are no doubt aware that it is riddled with layers of meaning and complex historical references. The most important take away for me is that this film is a narrative about a working alternative to the patriarchy falling apart outside the doors. This coven is financially autonomous, beyond the reach of the police...and deeply, powerfully collectivist, both materially and spiritually.

In fact, I think the myth of the witch has now morphed into a contemporary feminist icon and symbol, as well as a more universal reference to individualism and freethinking. All of which I think makes the movie rich source material for this portfolio magazine.


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